Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New MusicTuesday: Blind Pilot

Along with the major acts a Bonnaroo, discovering the lesser known can be just as satisfying, and these guys took the whole damn cake. With conflicting set times being the only bummer at roo, they wised up and gave some smaller shows a second go on the Sonic stage. As a recommendation from a friend, we stopped by on our way to Grouplove and I was hooked with the first song. Very reminiscent of The Head and the Heart (a love from roo2011) with beautiful lyrics and lovely voices to match.

But lucky you there are several official videos from the farm. Here is "Half Moon". Just try not to cry, I dare you.  Blind Pilot

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bonnaroo Buzz

Well folks, it was another successful year at the farm. Now that I've braved two years in a row, I'm pretty sure this will be an annual thang. Four days of non stop music, dancing and friends. I had the best of all three and here are some shots to prove it.

An afternoon of grass swimming and constant arm parties. Indeed an amazing weekend. 
'Til next time roo

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Music Tuesday

If you've ever waited for your favorite band's new album to hit the stores (or itunes, RIP compact discs) then you probably know that it always hits stores on Tuesday. Why Tuesday? There's a few possible reason...one being that sales results are released on Monday, giving the album a full week to count; another (and from what I understand, the actual reason) is that the release date used to be on Monday but retailers would never receive them at the same time. So the date was moved to Tuesday giving every store a chance to place the album out for customers. Thanks to NPR for cracking the code way before I realized I needed to know.

As you can guess this is where I gush about a new band, album or song that is currently in my rotation. This week is Little Dragon. A Swedish electronic band formed in Gothenburg (was that too music douchey for you?) with a front female voice that is mesmerizing. I have a thing for easy, beautiful voices and she is the cat's pajamas.

I decided to post a live version because seeing their charm is half of the experience. Enjoy

Sunday, April 29, 2012


This has more of a fall than spring look but what can you do with 50 degree weather? The high low hem is everywhere and in all shapes and patterns. Let's get it (a la Kelly voice). I bought this chiffon skirt in the fall and plan to wear it through all seasons. Just add a light weight(sheer) tank and the summer heat gots nothing on my breezy buns. Did I lose you?  Also this army green anorak has been/ will be the pb to my j this spring. It goes with everything... or at least I say it does.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Short Side

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! It's been a minute... ok lots of minutes since my last post. All I can say is sometimes a girl needs a break. The season is finally changing and the layers are coming off. Each season I always have a few staples in my outfit rotation. Fall had flannels, Winter was oversized sweaters and tights, Spring is (was) polka dots and feminine tops (sorry you missed it but I'm sure the ride's not over). Now for Summer... behold the crop top. I know what you're thinking "what the what, this isn't new" And  you're right, baby birds, but in the Mid West where trends come to die and fads never make it, this girl carries on. So while you may not see me in this ensemble getting groceries, rest assured my midriff will still see the light of day. 

skirt, shirt, sunglasses thrift; top & necklace F21; hat UO

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Listen in

It's one of my favorite times of the year. The beautiful colors, the cooler weather  and the concerts! October has been filled with Foster the People. Two Door Cinema Club, Reptar, The Lonely Forest, Cults and The Joy Formidable (the last was a $5 show, major score). Some bands I knew before, some I did not but I recommend checking them out. You never know who could be a new favorite. This is a gem I wanted to share with you guys. Enjoy

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My daily dress up has been so different lately, mostly due to the fact I actually bought clothes that didn't have previous owners. Kudos to me and my ever busting closet. But it didn't take long for the outfit to be completed with a little thrift dust. Exhibit A:

Nothing is complete without a grandpa cardigan. Amen

A tip of the hat to Dorothy

Dress Heritage1981 (on sale btw), heels Sofft, socks XXI, cardigan, purse and sunglasses thrifted,