Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring, Shming

I'm sure we're all going through it right now; the itch to break out our summer wardrobe that has been collecting dust in an attic or spare closet. I couldn't wait any longer so my duffle bag of summer wonderfulness is now scattered throughout my room (because I haven't seen a 'spare closet' in so long there could be a house elf dwelling in the back of mine). The clothes are all so pretty and new. And at once they all started yelling wear me I'm tiny and floral, pick me you're just the right shade of pale... So I didn't chose the one item that called me pale, albeit true, but to quote a 90's sitcom, how rude. 

Here is my compromise: A flannel left over from fall/ winter and a dress that was labaled a swim cover up when I bought it last year. 

This is one of my favorite season mash ups to date. Also notice I'm sans tights. I decided to embrace the paleness and when the weather gets its act together and is 20 degrees warmer then I'll turn into a roasted peanut no oil required. 

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