Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Something Old, Something New

So I realized I might be a clothes hoarder. What's new, right? If you're into fashion and especially blogs, then more than likely you're in the same boat as I am. HOARDERS ASSEMBLLLLLLEEE! While digging in my closet I noticed I have several items that have been staples in my wardrobe for years. (In my mind this gives me a freebie pass on the constant shopping.) So I decided to share them with you... in 2 parts (aren't you lucky, or me for getting to play dress up. I say win-win either way.)

Forever21 skirt circa 2005

I purchased this skirt while working at Gadzooks (after forever21 took it over, sans graphic tees and jeans with chain wallets. Shout out to Miss Sunday Crossbow for being a partner in crime back in the day.) While most of their clothing can be considered 'disposable' this item seems to have held up quite well. 

It has transitioned from just a sloppy tee & skirt garb to a polished 'meeting with the boss' outfit.  And by boss I mean me. Ha, for realz.

Skirt (old) and shirt (new) forever21, shoes UO

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