Monday, September 19, 2011

Wine Colored Love

I tell you, every week I have aspirations of posting at least 3-4 outfits from my day to day and then BAM it's Thursday and I've got nothin'. However my little fashion obsessed birdies, I will make good on my word. This week is our floor set which mean late shifts (8p-4a), sleeping in, and empty days.

I scooped this hat up the last time I went to H&M. Love the color and the brim is empty so you can add  more accessories to it. I used a feather head wrap for this outfit (more versions to come). It's hard to see them but the shoes are new and perfecto! All black booties with enough of a heel for height without the need for a back up pair in 2 hours. Who could resist?

shirt XXI, hat H&M, boots BCBG, slip thirft

I saw Two Door Cinema Club the other night (and rolled my ankle acting a fool) and these guys were the openers. Not too shabby if you like the British vibe.

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