Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Short Side

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! It's been a minute... ok lots of minutes since my last post. All I can say is sometimes a girl needs a break. The season is finally changing and the layers are coming off. Each season I always have a few staples in my outfit rotation. Fall had flannels, Winter was oversized sweaters and tights, Spring is (was) polka dots and feminine tops (sorry you missed it but I'm sure the ride's not over). Now for Summer... behold the crop top. I know what you're thinking "what the what, this isn't new" And  you're right, baby birds, but in the Mid West where trends come to die and fads never make it, this girl carries on. So while you may not see me in this ensemble getting groceries, rest assured my midriff will still see the light of day. 

skirt, shirt, sunglasses thrift; top & necklace F21; hat UO

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