Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Music Tuesday

If you've ever waited for your favorite band's new album to hit the stores (or itunes, RIP compact discs) then you probably know that it always hits stores on Tuesday. Why Tuesday? There's a few possible reason...one being that sales results are released on Monday, giving the album a full week to count; another (and from what I understand, the actual reason) is that the release date used to be on Monday but retailers would never receive them at the same time. So the date was moved to Tuesday giving every store a chance to place the album out for customers. Thanks to NPR for cracking the code way before I realized I needed to know.

As you can guess this is where I gush about a new band, album or song that is currently in my rotation. This week is Little Dragon. A Swedish electronic band formed in Gothenburg (was that too music douchey for you?) with a front female voice that is mesmerizing. I have a thing for easy, beautiful voices and she is the cat's pajamas.

I decided to post a live version because seeing their charm is half of the experience. Enjoy

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